You Got To Try This! – His Christmas Countdown

calanderChristmas is quickly approaching and as a mother of two young children, I often get so wrapped up in creating Christmas memories with my children that my poor husband get’s neglected. Christmas cookies, decorating the house, and visits from the Elf of a Shelf, my schedule gets full of keeping the little ones entertained. I exhaust myself with their activities that I have nothing left to give to my husband. Until, I came up with a brilliant plan that was husband approved!!

It started last Christmas and I can’t wait to start again this year. The idea popped into my head as I was searching Pinterest for hours on end for ideas for the Elf…I was convicted…

What about Scott? He wants fun? He wants you to spend time planning things for him.

My husband was often drug along on things he didn’t like doing or being part of just to keep me happy, so I surprised him with a little something all his own.

Last year, when my husband woke up on the chilly morning of December 1st, he found a surprise! On the wall hung a sign that read, “His Christmas Countdown!” Below the sign, hung two ribbons with 25 little cards. The cards were numbered 1-25. Under the number was either an “am” or a “pm.” The cards with the ‘am,’ were to be opened and read in the morning and of course the ones written with ‘pm’ were to be read in the evening.

My husband’s eyes lit up and he was excited! Each morning he was excited to open the card and read a special encouraging message, receive an instruction for something special, or find a small gift. He was showered with love and surprises all month long. Some of the cards has candy or a condom taped inside. Some cards encouraged him with a little message like, “Thank you for loving me,” “You are a wonderful daddy” or “Happy Friday.” Some cards have special instruction such as, “Somewhere hidden in our bedroom you will find a treat,” “Don’t forget to peek in the fridge before you go to work” and “Be ready, tonight is going to get wild.” With a little planning ahead you can customize each card to special days that you have planned during the month.

If you are thinking of creating a Christmas Countdown for your husband, just remember to have fun and relax. It’s all about celebrating him with love and appreciation. After all, husbands are pretty important and do a lot for us during the year. My husband, Scott, is pretty amazing. I am excited to celebrate my love for him I will be creating some new cards for this year’s Christmas Countdown.

It is never too late to start the countdown! December is here! Give it a try!

Merry Christmas to him!

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