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  • Passionate Christ followers.
  • Marriages who are desire to chase boldly after God’s will together.
  • Marriages that are ready to find out exactly why God brought them together.

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LaToya Gay
LaToya Gay
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This is a must read! Wow! It truly reminded my husband and I just how important it is to involve God in all aspects of our marriage. It also encouraged us a married couple to continue chasing after God’s purpose and future plans for our marriage. Such a wonderful read! What we read truly changed our perspective about a lot of things and gave us ideas on how to improve other areas that we unintentionally neglected.
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The authors Arron and Jennifer Smith have done an amazing job showing why marriage was created by God. They have also incorporated tools that will help you talk and understand the purpose of your marriage with your spouse.
Joshua Uehlin
Joshua Uehlin
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Marriage After God is such an amazing book. Whether you are newlyweds, married for 30 years, or single and eventually want to be married, we highly recommend this book to help bring God into your life and marriage. It continually puts God at the center and shows how you and your spouse can truly become one. My wife and I enjoy this book and will read and reference it on a regular basis. "One of the greatest benefits of your marriage being your 1st ministry is that it is where you practice your ministry to the rest of the world. Your marriage is the message you are preaching to others. The way you and your spouse interact with each other reveals the gospel you believe."
Pamela Mencimer
Pamela Mencimer
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My marriage will never be the same! My life will never be the same! I love their approach to teaching couples and their honest vulnerability with their readers. Their theology is sound and Biblical and the application is challenging, for certain, but also very attainable. If you love the podcast, then you will love the book!


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This is a list of those who have pre-ordered the Marriage After God book and have decided to start a movement of marriages that are chasing boldly after God’s will for the life. Would you consider joining them? Join The Launch Team





Putting God as the center and clearly seeing how He is moving us individually and as a couple.





We have worked hard to overcome so many obstacles and would like to continue on that path and help lead others to enjoy and embrace a marriage under God’s blessings.





To be fully committed to serving Him and putting Him first while growing together simultaneously.





Working together through Christ with the ultimate goal of winning others for Christ.





To follow Christ, hand in hand with my spouse.





It is great to have tools that make us strengthen our marriage with God as our base!! Gabriel has just been recently licensed as a local Pastor for our church, and we have a great responsibility to spread the Word of God, and we must apply it every day, in our lives, as we grow, and help others grow in their faith and their relationship.