You Are Beautiful And You Have A Purpose

I want you to know you are beautiful. I know because I know the one who made you! He is the Creator. He made heaven and earth. He made the sea and all that lives in it. He made every kind of animal and he made the intricate details we see in flowers. He has made it all and it is good.Youhaveapurpose

God made you. He considered every detail that makes you, you. More than that, He knows you and He loves you so much.

You are valuable. Your life is significant, no matter what you think about it.

God makes things with purpose and you are no different. You have significant purpose. Consider your purpose today. Consider your value and worth.

Consider your beauty and the intricate details that make you, you.

Embrace your whole self and thank God for the purpose He has given you. May you live today knowing confidently that the Lord made you with thoughtfulness, that He considered you and the impact you would have in the lives of others.

Embrace others.

Remind them of how beautiful they are and the purpose they have been given.

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