Working Together With My Husband

My husband and I dreamed about working together before we ever said “I do!” We both had desires to do extraordinary things and to do them together. We may not have known what that looked like before marriage…but the motivation and the dream definitely paved the way for all of the opportunities we said yes to. No matter how scary those opportunities seemed, we were confident that we could do it!

In our 11 years of marriage we have worked together in missions, volunteering, photography, blogging, self-publishing, traditional publishing, parenting (of course this counts as work but we don’t see it that way!), leading church groups, designing clothing, marketing, and most likely more that I just can’t think of right now.

In all of these different job opportunities, we have worked together as a team, not just to get the job done, but to exceed everyone’s expectations including our own. We aim for success. We aim to have fun. We aim to please God.

I have loved working alongside my husband. He is one smart guy. There have been many times where my own insecurities of what I don’t know paralyzes me. I feel unqualified and ill-equipped for most jobs. Yet, I realized that when we work together, it is as if our strengths work together beautifully and in harmony. We compliment each other. And I don’t need to know everything, because where I lack, He steps in and vice versa.

I have also noticed that I have learned quite a bit over the years from working next to such a smart guy. I have learned things I never would have ever known had I not said yes to being on his team. We both have taught each other and I love that.

I love working with my husband because I love the quality time it provides for us. I love that we are working together to accomplish the same goal, that is empowering. I love how God can use us as a team because we have invested the time to work together well…and saying yes in the first place. I love that others are blessed by the work our marriage and team produces. I love that our children get to see us work together and see what we are capable of. I love that my husband wants to work with me.

Cultivating an atmosphere where a husband and wife want to be close to each other, especially in times of pressure or stress, is important. Learning how to operate as a team is important.

With each opportunity we are given, we are actually saying yes to even more. Because with every opportunity of working together, comes opportunities to get to know each other, experience closeness, practice communication, to lead and follow, to live with understanding and compassion, to make room for each other to use our giftings, and more.

Saying yes to working together is a blessing for marriage!

I challenge you to say yes to working with your spouse, whether it is starting a new business together, volunteering for community projects, or mission work…say yes! And experience what working together can do for your oneness.

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