Why I Love Being Pregnant!

I really love being pregnant! I am almost full term with my second baby and the joy in my heart is bursting at the seams.

Sure being pregnant can be challenging. There are things that are a potential risk that should be avoided for the health of the baby, simple things become uncomfortable like sitting and laying down, and then there is the anxiety of not knowing if baby is perfect. In fact, just last week during a routine appointment we heard an irregular heartbeat. We were shocked and scared for what it meant, but thankfully the doctors were able to quickly rule out any serious issues in a few days.

why-i-love-being-pregnantI realize that everyone woman experiences different things throughout pregnancy, but regardless of the challenges, I believe carrying a child is a beautiful miracle gifted by the hand of God.

It can be natural to be overcome by the difficulties or uncomfortable process of pregnancy, but how much more important is it to acknowledge the awesomeness of it and to glorify God through it?

This is a personal post that I wanted to share because I have been inspired to share the reasons why I love pregnancy, to focus on the good, and to approach this gift with a heart of thankfulness.

I love being pregnant because…

God blessed my womb with a child.

My body was designed to recreate life.

I feel beautiful as my belly grows.

I can feel the baby kick and twirl inside me.

The anticipation of meeting the baby.

It is a learning moment for my other child.

My limitations force me to rely more on God.

I am more cautious about my health.

I think about how God views me as His child.

People light up with joy when they find out.

I get to wear clothes with stretching material.

I don’t stress about my weight gain.

I give myself more grace for the things I can’t accomplish in a day.

I give myself more grace for taking naps.

I am aware of the needs of others who are also pregnant.

I learn more about what my body is capable of.

I learn more healthy approaches to serving my family through the advice of others.

I feel empowered as a woman, especially contemplating labor and delivery.

I think about myself less as I give more concern to the life of another.

Nesting always helps my house stay clean.

My hair grows faster.

My husband touches my belly often and talks to the baby he helped make.

It forces my husband and I to be intentional about the many ways of being intimate.

It makes me appreciate my mom more.

It makes me value life more.

It reminds me that God is sovereign.

I sat down to write out this list to encourage myself and any other woman who is pregnant or will be. I would love it if you took a minute to add a few reasons why you love or loved being pregnant in the comments below!

I also wanted to share with you a resource that I found to help me prepare for the delivery of both my children. It is a birth plan that I print out, go over with my husband so we are on the same page, and then stuff in my hospital bag to help guide the nurses and doctor who will be present during labor and delivery. It is the most comprehensive one I have found so far, but there were some extra notes I had to make to clarify a few points, so be sure to include all that you desire in the margins!


Oh and here are a few maternity shots from this second pregnancy!









9 10


Visit HERE to see the maternity photos of my first born Eliott!

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