When My Husband Said This I Got Really Emotional

My husband and I were driving down the highway, catching up on what we have been going through. In the backseat, our son quietly entertained himself and our daughter napped peacefully. We all love car rides.

The sky was cloudy and grey. Rain drops sporadically landed on the windshield, getting us exciting for the next season of winter weather.

When my husband and I stopped chatting, I opened up my bible to lay flat on my lap.

My husband looked over to see what I was doing and then asked me to read it out loud.

After a few verses in, I stopped to ask him a question on the passage of scripture we had just heard me reading. We talked it over for a few minutes and then I glanced out the window. There are some things in God’s Word that I don’t understand, things that I am trying to learn and want to know more of. Sometimes, not having understanding of God’s Word frustrates me. Still glancing out the window, I wondered if I would ever gain understanding. I also wondered, if I wrestle with the scripture does this mean me and God are not doing too good? Am I being obedient? Am I in disunity with Him?

All I could see is a time line of what-if’s and future fissures in our relationship…all because of me.

My husband could sense my frustration. It wasn’t anger, but a desire and craving for more knowledge. He looked my way and said,

No matter what, God loves that you are seeking after Him like this. God-loves

Tears welled up in my eyes immediately. I never saw it like that. His words comforted me in a beautiful way. It felt as if God spoke through my husband to let me know, He sees me and that He knows my heart.

I only saw and felt my own lack of wisdom hindering me from knowing God better. I saw myself as a roadblock.

A small shift in perspective and my husband saw something else. He saw a young woman, yearning to experience the fullness of intimacy with God. He saw a young a daughter chasing after her Heavenly Father. He saw me seeking after God and God responding in love.

I want to encourage you today. Maybe you need to step back and see a bigger picture. Maybe you are frustrated because of your inadequacies, inabilities, limitations. Maybe those things are blinding you from seeing and experiencing the truth that despite those things, God loves you.

God Loves You!

And He loves it when we seek after Him…even when we lack understanding. So whatever you are doing today, have confidence that God loves you and He loves it when you seek after Him.

I also want to challenge you to appreciate the good things your husband says to you. I could have passed this comment by. I could have brushed it off and not cared about my husband’s perspective, but I am so glad that I didn’t. Instead I am treasuring it. I am grateful that my husband has different eyes than me to see different things going on. His gift of encouragement to me is priceless.

Think about the good your husband has provided for you. Thank God for him today.

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