What Is Love – New Series

what-is-loveI am thrilled to present to you a new blog series called What Is Love!

This four letter word is used every day in a variety of ways!  I thought it would be awesome to really explore this word and what it means to marriage.

As I prepare for this series I am hoping to align some great encouragements for you including some guest posts!  I am also really excited to be utilizing YouTube more!  So with this series I will be posting a video with each article. Here is the first one of the series:

Unveiled Wife is a community and I want to expose the beauty within it… so please leave your encouragements, advice, prayers, and opinions with every post!  Your words may change someone’s life or transform a marriage!

Please click the link to Youtube to leave your video response in answering the question:

What Is Love?

How would you define it?  What does love look like in your marriage? Be creative and have fun!  Share a quote on love, a poem, or sing a song! You can even invite your husband to join you in your video response!

If you cannot leave a video response for any reason please leave a comment below!

Also, please share this series with other wives you know 🙂

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