Is Our Reality The New Zombie World?

Have you noticed the zombies living among us?  Their numbers increase daily and its much creepier witnessing it in reality as apposed to the big screen.  Film makers, directors, visionaries… they all cast zombieism as a result of some internal and contagious viral epidemic…boy were they wrong. This version that is taking place seems less painful and is definitely not as grotesque, but nearly incurable.

The signs of those infected in public are much more noticeable than the ones hidden within the walls of their homes.  Walking at a steady slow pace with their head pointed downward, arms pinched at their side, hands raised to the chest, clutching the very device that infected them.  I know you have seen them before, entering the store as you are leaving, they don’t even flinch as the automatic doors invite the diseased.  They bump into you without apologies, some walk straight into death traps such as the case of “the fountain at the mall” episode, others attempt to get behind the wheel reeking havoc in the streets.

Whose responsible for this outbreak?

Unfortunately there is no singular party at fault.  The disease is a result of those addicted to the Internet and the technological advancements in handheld devices that allow everyone to be exposed to the illness at their fingertips.  With apps available for everything, YouTube and of course the social networks, the human mind gets trapped in the cyber world. The more dependence and frequency one has with Internet interactions, the more their reality gets distorted.

It’s become an addiction for a huge percentage of the westernized culture and the age at which those are being infected lessens with each passing year.  Now children as young as 7 are being held responsible for devices with Internet connections such as cell phones, computers, itouches, and PSPs.  It’s a fast world of growing knowledge, ever changing technology and information given and received by a click of a button.

Some of us and some of our husbands have been infected.  I found myself contracting it upon purchase of my iphone!  I have a horrible habit of checking the darn thing way too often!  I realize it effects so many people around me and maybe you can agree?  It steals precious moments away from my husband and I that we aren’t even aware of anymore:(   Replacing genuine and needed human-human interaction, time spent whether with loved ones or strangers at the store, with self-satisfying human-computer interactions.

The good news is that we don’t need to shot-gun the victim’s head-off, like we see in the fictional Zombie movies!  No!  All we have to do is have and encourage others to have a little self-control and respect for people around us.  Pick up our eyes from computer screens and enjoy the beauty of human bodies and the wonder of creation!  Lets keep Zombieism from taking over the world!


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