9 Biblical Ways To Improve Your Marriage Today

A thriving marriage requires intentionality!  Seeking ways to improve marriage is a great start!


Today I am contributing over at FaithLife Women, sharing 9 Ways I Am Learning To Improve My Marriage!  One of the most intentional ways you can improve your marriage is to draw close to God daily!  Read His Word and pray fervently!

Here are the first 5 tips for improving your marriage today.

Please click the link below for the rest of the tips.

1. Love—love your husband unconditionally! For a great description of how God defines love, check out 1 Corinthians 13. It will require you to have grace, forgiveness, sacrifice, and respect for your husband. Love is foundational, and how you love has an incredible impact on your marriage.

Allow joy to flow from your heart and bless your husband.

2. Joy—this has everything to do with attitude! Double– and triple-​​check your attitude throughout the day. It is unnecessary to respond to your husband from a heart of frustration caused by something unrelated to him . . . for if it happens, tension is sure to grip your relationship. Allow joy to flow from your heart and bless your husband.

3. Peace—there are many ways we can promote peace in marriage. One vital way is through our responses to our spouse. Choose to be a peacemaker through all your actions, and be intentional in being at peace with your husband.

4. Patience—patience can sometimes require quite a lot of restraint and control, but the more we practice it, the more easily it will come. Have patience with your spouse and learn to slow down.

5. Kindness—a great way to show kindness in marriage is through random acts of service toward your spouse. Seek ways to meet his needs before a request is even made.

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photocredit: faithlifewomen.com

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