30 Days To Becoming A #WifeAfterGod

30 Days To Becoming A Wife After God has officially began! Details for this event can be found at the bottom of the article!

Please grab a copy of Wife After God and join us! 

Here are some highlights from the conversations happening on social media:

Day 5: “Christ is my example for how to love others, especially how I should love my husband.” #WifeAfterGod

Day 4: “My husband is a gift from God.” #WifeAfterGod

This is one of my favorite chapters in this Devotional. And although the challenge may seem easy, it can be the hardest thing to do depending on our attitude… am I right?

Did the content in this chapter change your perspective about your husband at all? If so, How?

I struggle with sometimes treating my husband poorly with a bad attitude, yet when I am around others I give them my best. My husband deserves my best as his value to me is great, recognizing that God gave him to me as gift.

Day 3: “I am going to pursue companionship with my husband.” #WifeAfterGod

In this chapter I mention that companionship lays the foundation for marriage.

How has companionship changed for you and your husband over time?

Day 2: “God’s design for marriage is for me to respect my husband out of reverence for Christ.” #WifeAfterGod

What has Christ done for you that you didn’t deserve? (Besides Salvation, that is a given!)

Also, how has the attitude of our culture towards men made it challenging to understand the importance of fulfilling one of man’s deepest needs, respect?

Day 1: “God’s purpose for my marriage is to reveal His love to the world.” ‪#‎WifeAfterGod‬

Today’s chapter focuses on how God’s purpose motivates us to be better and how we were made to reflect His Image!

What are some ways we can reflect God better as wives?

If I can remind myself to honor this marriage, then I will be honoring God! God wants us to be happily married and to enjoy everything that he has given us through the bond of marriage!! (some of these things are difficult for me). Starting today, I will make steps toward honoring my marriage and my husband! I have been blessed!! Thank you Jesus!!! – Desiree Roman Stokes

For me it would be looking at my husband through spiritual eyes and not worldly eyes. If I can see him the way God sees him it becomes easier for me to be more forgiving and loving. I think that if I could do that more often then I would be reflecting God better as a wife. – Monique Marquez

Personally I know if I was just a little more patient with my husband in the way that I respond to him, I would reflect God’s character much better! – Jennifer Smith, Unveiled Wife

Respect. Showing him respect to his face as well as in front of others and behind his back is the best way to show others God’s real purpose for marriage. – gooserina84


Here are the details on HOW this will unfold over the 30 days we experience Wife After God together.

– Firstly, remember that this 30 day challenge is based on the devotional Wife After God so you will need a copy to join us! Get Yours Here!

– I will be doing each days devotional early in the morning. It will be the most beneficial for you to also complete each days chapter before the conversation begins!

– Every day at 10am {PST} I will post a thought provoking conversation starter to get it going on the Unveiled Wife Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about Wife After God. I will be interacting as much as possible with the conversation! I’m tuning in because I want to hear what you have to say and I can’t wait!

– My heart and the purpose of this 30 day challenge is to see wives all around the world connect with one another and encourage one another through Wife After God.

– No matter what social media platform you are using to follow, please chime in!

– Each daily post for this 30 day challenge will have a graphic similar to this one posted below noting the day we are on and the title of the chapter! This is to help you easily find the conversation. So be on the look out!

– Every Friday I will recap the week on THIS blog article with the most recent activity showing up at the top. This will include the updates, interesting responses, personal testimonies, videos and more!

WifeAfterGod_Graphics– I will use the hashtag #WifeAfterGod to make it easier for all of you to follow the conversation. If you would like to see the whole conversation for this event please go HERE and scroll down towards the comments and you should see the conversation happening on the right! Also, if you talk about Wife After God on social media please be sure to use the hashtag #WifeAfterGod so others can find our conversation!

– Please take time throughout the 30 days we are doing this to share every discussion post with other wives you know!!

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