Visiting The Roloff Farm During Pumpkin Season | Vlog #18

Over the last 2 years we have had the privilege of getting to know Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. Jeremy and his family have one of the longest standing shows on TLC called Little People Big World. Jeremy grew up on his family farm just outside of Portland, Oregon.

We have loved getting to know Jeremy and Audrey. They are passionate about encouraging marriages just like we are. They launched a site called Beating 50 Percent that has some awesome resources for couples.

This fall we took the kids to visit the Roloff Farm during pumpkin season. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible. As we arrived we had heard the news that a tornado had ripped through a small town on the coast not too far from where we were. Then before we left the next day, the farm had to close a few hours early because the wind and rain were dangerous.

We vlogged what we could the few hours we ventured around the farm, but we didn’t get a chance to pick out a pumpkin…so I told the kids we will have to go back next year. They can’t wait!

W also invited Jeremy and Audrey back to our house for a little interview about their new site Beating 50 Percent. They are encouraging marriages just like we do and we wanted you to know more about it!

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