UW Book Review – The Power Of A Praying Wife

At the beginning of April I picked up The Power Of A Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.  It has 30 short chapters – a perfect challenge to read one a day for a month – each one a different topic encouraging wives to pray for their husbands.  The title alone empowers wives, prompting them to take action in protecting their family!  The writing style is very comprehensible, making it a very easy read.  Stormie took 30 topics that are faced in marriage and provides a guided prayer for each one.  She also includes “Power Tools” – awesome verses – that reinforce why we need to keep God in the center of our marriage, why prayer is an important part of that, why praying for husbands in specific areas is crucial and reminding us the promises in God’s Holy word.

Stormie is very open as she shares in the introduction, “I’ve experienced the degree of hopelessness that causes a person to give up on trying to do what’s right.  I understand the torture of loneliness that leaves you longing for anyone who will look into your soul and see you.”  She also adds, “Praying Scripture over your husband is powerful.”  She gives personal accounts of how God has healed her marriage, as well as other couple’s testimonies that are very relate-able, encouraging HOPE.   This book is great because it teaches you HOW to pray for your husband and how to pray for specific areas of his life.

Stormie has a variety of books similar to this including The Power Of The Praying Husband and The Power Of The Praying Parent.  These books are so valuable in that you can go back and reread them all the time!  They never lose purpose, relevance, or power!


What I Got Out Of It:

When I was reading this book I realized that as I prayed for my husband, I also prayed over myself.  It was an eye-opener to some of the things I need to change and need prayer for.  It is obvious to pray for specific things when they aren’t necessarily perfect, but this book makes you evaluate so many different areas of your marriage, reminding you to pray for all of it in good times and bad.

As I read and prayed I noticed my husband being very soft and gentle towards me.  He desired to draw closer to God and he encouraged me to seek after God daily.   He began verbalizing his love for me, affirming me in my purpose in life.  God definitely brought us closer to each other and to Him, not because I forced my husband or begged him to do anything, but rather out of my obedience to pray for him… we allowed God to move through our marriage.  My husband just recently told me he has a desire to read The Power Of The Praying Husband 🙂 I can’t wait to see how God moves through our marriage when he does!

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