Marriage Prayer: Using Our Marriage For Good

Dear Lord, 

Thank You for creating us with purpose. Thank You for Your great design and the thoughtfulness You poured into making us unique individuals. Thank You for bringing us together in marriage, unifying us, and making us one. We pray Your purpose for our marriage would prevail. We pray we would not let our selfishness or any sin get in the way of fulfilling Your will. May Your Holy Spirit continue leading us, convicting us when we are wrong, and comforting us when we choose restoration and reconciliation in humility. We pray we would not fight against each other, but instead fight for our marriage. We pray we would strive to protect our unity. We pray we would walk humbly with You and with each other. Lord, our heart’s desire is that You would use our marriage for good. We pray You would use us as a couple to testify about who You are and all that You have done, what You are doing, and even what You will do. Help us to preach Your Word, especially while preaching through our actions and the way we love. Use us to carry out Your purpose, whether in great big bold ways or in simple and hidden ways. We are Yours and our marriage is Yours in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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