The Unveiled Wife: My Family Life Radio Interview



I wrote The Unveiled Wife to encourage other wives who may feel isolated and alone. I wrote it for any wife who desires to draw closer to God and to her husband. I wrote it for the wife who has a strong marriage and wants to still grow. My hope and prayer is that this book continues to be a light for many.

I had the opportunity to travel to Family Life and be interviewed on their radio program, sharing my story. If you want to hear me on the radio with Dennis and Bob from Family Life just click on the image above!

Family Life just celebrated 40 years of ministry. So many marriages and families have been radically impacted by the resources they provide such as a Weekend to Remember which my husband and I got to go to a few years ago. You can read my review of that experience HERE.

Having the opportunity to be on the radio is something I am incredibly thankful for. My dad text me the other morning and said he listened while driving down the street! How awesome is that? My heart is so happy. I am confident the Lord will use this to encourage many!

A few topics we chat about include:

  • Dating
  • Getting parents approval to marry
  • Pornography addiction
  • Getting the help we needed
  • Reconciliation
  • Parabens and the environment
  • A weekend to remember

Bob and Dennis are great guys. They do what they do because they truly care. They have huge hearts for people to know God. They say I’m courageous for sharing my story…but it was God who gave me the courage to do it! There is no way I could have done this without God. I give Him all the glory!


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