Book Review of “No More Headaches” by Juli Slattery

Unveiled Wife Book Review No More Headaches by Juli Slattery
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No More Headaches, Enjoying Sex and Intimacy In Marriage is the number one book on my list of great reads! Dr. Juli Slattery encompasses the gift of sex God has created within the boundaries of marriage, sharing examples of her own marriage, as well as others marital testimonials. Each story is unique, yet relatable and relative, provoking the reader to examine his/her own marriage.

She dives into heavy topics without hesitation, providing wisdom and knowledge about what is permissible within the covenant of marriage, not with black and white rules, but allowing the reader to comprehend and conclude for themselves what is allowed based on God’s word.

There is a tremendous amount of depth shared about what sex and intimacy is from the man’s perspective, which isn’t something taught regularly. Examining the sexual differences between men and women, she offers practical and biblical advice to those who are willing to apply it to their relationships. Dr Juli exposes the truth about sex, the potential greatness it has in marriage, the benefiting factors for both the husband and wife, as well as Satan’s endeavors to destroy and prevent great sex in marriage.

It is an easy read with plenty of interesting stories and challenges that will keep you invested even after you finish the book. If you want to experience the next step in your marriage I urge you to read this book! It’s life changing!

What I Got Out Of It:

This book only took me about a week to read! That is a huge deal because I am a busy woman with not a lot of downtime, but it kept blowing my mind and softening my heart with the whole sex issue. I was recommended this book by a great friend of ours who knew our story and the struggle sex was for my husband and I. Dr. Juli brought things to the surface that I had been trying to bury for years and at the height of our threshold we encountered a breakthrough!

I began to understand why sex was so important to my husband and it stimulated me to initiate more romantic moments despite our setbacks. The content in this book inspired our sex life through wisdom, through testimonials, through advice and through challenges. I am so thankful for the way Dr. Juli composed this insightful resource to strengthen and save marriages! It definitely broke down walls in my marriage that needed to fall and I am certain there are a ton of other wives who can attests to its benefit.

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