To The Woman Crying Behind Me In The Starbucks Drive-Thru

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Sometimes my son has a challenging time falling asleep for his afternoon nap.  In my opinion there is nothing as soothing as drifting to sleep during a car ride. The rhythm from the road gives him a gentle nudge to take that much needed nap.

It was one of those days where weariness overwhelmed my body.  Taking a drive sounded like a great escape to relax and reenergize while my son slept in the backseat.

I pulled into Starbucks to grab a chai latte, a simple pleasure adding a little warmth to my heart. Glancing in my rearview mirror I saw you, weeping.  It looked like you were on the phone sharing about your distress.  Although I couldn’t hear your voice, your expression spoke volumes.  Brokenness filled your eyes with tears that you couldn’t seem to keep up with as you wiped them with your fingertips.

I don’t know what would cause you so much pain, but my heart felt anguish for you.

Stuck in the Starbucks line in front of you, knowing that you were going through something was really difficult for me.  I wanted to give you a hug and encourage you.  I wanted to give you hope for better days.  As I pulled up to the window to reach for my chai I thought of you.  It wasn’t much, but paying for your order seemed like a positive gesture.  I just wanted you to know you are cared for.

It was so strange feeling so strongly for a stranger, but the compassion that filled my heart for you somehow shortened the distance between us.  I never got the chance to say hi or affirm you that it will be ok, but if reaching for your drink realizing it was paid for took your eyes off the pain for even a second, it was worth it.  I hope that the rest of your day picked up for you and I pray that your heart is mended.


Your Friend

I was so blessed to be a blessing for this young woman in the Starbucks drive-thru.  Her emotions stopped me in my tracks and allowed me to see her.  I thank God that He moved me to think about her in that moment.  However, I pray that the compassion I had is not just extended to those in obvious need, but to all who are around me.  I pray that my eyes are open and that my heart is available to close the gap between strangers and be a friend, a person who genuinely cares and moves to bless others.

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