To My Husband – Your Love Is Like A Sunshine When The Rain Is Pouring Down

Dear Joshua,

The song ”Better hands now” by Natilee Grant Although conveys a deep relationship with Christ, also gives just a glimpse of what I receive/give to you everyday. Due to us marrying young we have had our fair share of adversity. I can remember when we first married, Grocery shopping for me was a nightmare. I couldn’t afford to fill the buggy, I had 75.00$ to buy us food that would last for two weeks. I believe God worked miracles even then. Looking back I thought it was so embarrassing that we couldn’t offer people any food or drink, because our cabinets were seldom stocked. But I know this with all my being, that God is the one that made that stretch. Our fist Christmas it was unlike your Brother and sister-in-law’s. We couldn’t afford to buy gifts for each other. Although you had a better paying job, they took your overtime away. but because god put us through trials of managing on only 300.00 a week we made it through the winter. We made it through a winter of no heat, but a roof over our heads. i will never need a diamond bracelet from you in order to know that you love me.
There is nothing more important to me in this world than snuggling up in your arms, after paying all the bills and realizing that your check didn’t last till Monday.
I’m so thankful that I have been so blessed that God brought us together. he knew the right time, right scenrio, the right time for u to marry. I know i can never express it enough to you. But I love you more than the sunsets, more than the material possessions that are through our house.
You love me so much that you were able to sacrifice the thought of having children, which is a thought that you have always to this day cherished. You sacrificed all that to be with me. A woman who is a terrible housekeeper, never fixes your lunch for work, Never thinks to buy your favorite soda pop at the store, I can go on but you know where my faults lie.
I am a woman is has been given everything by God. One month before our wedding, god blessed us. He gave us a home, a 3 bed 1 bath, that we could afford on your lower class income. we were given every piece of furniture we own, even a stove, and fridge. when I first moved in, the only furniture we had was our tiny full sized bed. family called, for weeks after our wedding. Asking us if we needed this,or that. it is without bragging i can say that I have furniture because God saw fit, to think of us.
I can recall crying when your aunt Sarah gave us our brown couches. They were plain, but they matched! I cried, and bawled because I knew it would be years before we could be rid of our hideous tri-colored couch and black leather love seat.
In our time together, we have had close relatives doubt us, bring us down. Some even the gull to say ” Think of all that you could of had if you waited” I will never regret getting married at 19.God has blessed us, in more ways than I can praise him for. God is the glue that binds us. You’ve always told me that.
I can recall your proposal, you was so proud of the ring you bought me. Later you became embarrassed, due to how inexpensive the ring actually was. I prefer this ring over any ring in the world.Its true when I say the only cheaper solution was bread ties. these rings stand for all the trials and triumphs we have shared. Love has no carats, sometimes love doesn’t always appear so shiny and desirable. But its there, and without a shadow of a doubt love will conquer all!

I love you, with all that I am and will be,


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