To My Husband – You…

This is to remind you who YOU ARE TO ME. You’re, by far more than just my husband. You started off, just a friend. You began to melt my heart as each day passed… until it was just unbearable. I thought long and hard as to whether it was just a teenage, lust, or was it a real and true teenage, love. I not only didn’t know the answer to that, I also didn’t know how to ”break someone else’s heart”, in order to mend mine completely. You were that missing piece. As we both know, there has been so many, tons even, of hardships, fights & ups & downs throughout this whole relationship. We also know where all of it stemmed from an we still made it. I have to give it to you, in being the only reason we did. It took not a boy, not just some teenybopper who’s best friend had a girlfriend he wound up falling ”hard” for, BUT A REAL MATURE, SWEET & VERY UNDERSTANDING YOUNG MAN, who took the time & took into consideration all of the terrible things that happened to this ”girl” as a child. Things that made him look at her as an innocent little girl, who wanted & desperately needed to be loved… unconditionally. It took You! I am not fixed, nor am I as happy inside, as id like to be, but without you, there would be no ME. I SAY THAT PROUDLY AN SURELY. My son came along, an has a HUGE part in my completeness, I wouldn’t change that for the world, but again ONLY the heart, soul, faith, strength, heart & most importantly, the FORGIVENESS of a real man, is what this woman’s heart needed to feel as whole as I finally do. You are the one for me, you are my life. I will always, always love you, Daniel Moreland.

<3 Jessica

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