To My Husband – You See The Best In Me

Dearest Destiny Husband ,

I thank God for you loving me as Christ Jesus loves the church. I prayed for a husband like you and God answered the desire of my heart. I know that Christ Jesus is in because I can always be who God called me to be. I still have the glow on my face when I was single and married to God. God is our glue and the love we have for one another. You have been such a friend to me. The love you give keeps me strong in this marriage. I thank God for you keeping yourself close to Him by doing that you keep yourself close to me. I love being your wife, friend and many more. I love submitting to you because you make it so easy. My destiny husband thank you for all that you do and will be doing. I love the respect you give me by taking me so serious as your wife. I LOVE YOU , I LOVE YOU. The security I feel is so relaxing and a blessing. I am bless to be your wife.

<3   Y. L

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