To My Husband – You Complete Me, Us, Our Family!!

Dear Dimas,

Ever since the first time i set eyes on you, i knew you were who i wanted to spend my life with and every special moment allowed on this earth. I have loved you since the age of 16. I know we have had many learning points in our marriage and we have over come every obstacle (In Jesus name)that has been put in our path so far. Together we have grown and you have become more and more the man i pictured you to be in my dreams. We may not be perfect but you and I together, it doesn’t get better than that. Thank you for not only being the man of my dreams, but also the best friend i could ever want and need. Thank you for being the father that you are and Thank you for always making sure we never fall apart. I love you very much. We have been together for12 years and married for 5 years.. I cherish every moment we spend together and it continues to get better.
I love you hunny, Always and forever.

Your wife,
Marina Carbonell- Oyol


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