To My Husband – Yo, Love! Ur Sweet, Salty & Spicy But Most Of All Ur A Man Of Faith!!

Dear Love,

How grateful I am that I met you! Through all the challenges, tears and doubts you have always been there. Like all relationships there have been difficult times. Communication is always a challenge for young couples. There is so much about you that delights my heart and makes me dance, but most of all it is how you lead me to love God and keep me focused on what is the true meaning of life. How I will miss you when you go on your tour of duty, but this I accept for I always knew that there would be times that we would be physically separated. Distance is always a challenge, but I am well prepared to deal with the challenge because you have given me many gifts to survive and keep the love alive. I will keep the enemy far from home and do my best to bring you honor in all my actions. I trust that you too will do your best. Strive hard to do your job well. Love as best as you can love, believe in yourself and turn to God for all your needs. If we both stay focused on the real goal in life, we will surely be rewarded in this life and in the next. Hang onto hope, for I am. Even with all the challenges and all your weaknesses you are truly the greatest man I have ever been blessed to know. I thank you for accepting me as I am. Be well and quench your thirst with His Word, for I love you and my greatest wish is eternal life for you.




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