To My Husband – WHEN I MET YOU

Dear Honey,

Do you remember the week we met? I do it was @ Church, & I did’nt want to really talk to you, you were talking to my X-husband to help him realize to save his marriage, that I already months & months have left. Well I have had ask Pastor that you were to leave me alone & that you might be stalking me?! (LOL LOL LOL) Well Christmas passed & New Years Eve were came in strong, Well you called me to wish me a Happy New Years! We talked & text all night long. That is when God put you in my life & I am so glad he did. Now it is a yr. that we are married @ 10am tomorrow. But I wanted to tell you how much I love, appreciate, honor, & faithfully love you & only you. I know we have our differences but we have the Lord our heavenly Father above that helps us with that. If for not him I would not know what to do. I love you Chuck. Happy 1st Anniversary Sweetie!

Your loving wife Neice Hugs.


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