To My Husband – When God Made You

My Darling Chuck,

First let me start by saying I Love You. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for you, for your friendship, your faithfulness, you laughter and kindness. Your honesty amazes me, and I respect you for it, even when I don’t like it. I find the most amazing thing about you, is your unwavering love for God. Your journey with him makes me love you more. I remember when we first met, the countless hours we shared so much, and then heartache set in for the both of us, and we parted for awhile. Love, a real love never gives up, not when God chooses our mate. I remember you saying to me.. “I am what you prayed for”… I couldn’t see it then, but God started working on my hardened heart, and I began to see you in a new way, Gods way. One of the most beautiful and precious gifts ever given to me by you.. were the sea shells.I looked at the tiniest shell, and thought.. no matter how small and insignificant something may be, its so very precious in Gods eyes. something so small can grow with God, and that’s just what we did, and continue to do. I thank you sweetheart for being the most amazing husband in my life, I appreciate all the things you do, and appreciate you for being the man that you are. No matter our journey, in the good times, the bad times.. when we have money and when we don’t, I will always walk along side you, hand in hand knowing God leads the way. I truly believe When God made you, he really was thinking about me.
I Love you Chuck

Your Loving Wife,



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