To My Husband – To The Man I Love


I loved you yesterday and I love you today and will love you even more tomorrow.
We have been together for over 3 decades and I can’t wait fro more time with you. There is so much we have been through. The birth of our son when he almost died and then the perfect birth of our daughter. To only find out she is the one with disabilities. God has lead us to it and he sure has helped us through it. Life has not been easy.
God got us through all of those years and has even taken us through ten more years of my disabling pain.
God has now given us a reprieve a chance to now really get to know each other again. A chance for our love to really grow again. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for us He has shown and given us so much. I can hardly wait to be the one to embark on the next journey in this life of ours together. With all of my love and life!

Your loving wife Kathy

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