To My Husband – To My Love From God


I have to tell God I am sorry for how much I love you so. He knows my heart I have to confess all. Since I have been with you my world has been safe. I feel I have a movie life It’s odd, and hard to explain. We watch a movie and we say ”only in the movies”, but that’s not true. A movie has a plan, it’s someones thoughts, or a few peoples thoughts or real life moments made to look good, bad, all the above. I would not take any movie and replace how our life together began. You liked me I knew for a few years. I remember the cute things, the staring at me then asking me what am I looking at deal. O how I would giggle inside. All the late night talks that sometimes lasted till dawn. Then the night you ask me. How about us get together and see how long we last. That was our beginning. And it’s picture perfect. You got my ring I had no clue. You went into the bedroom, and shut the door and said don’t come in here please. I had no clue. You later open the door and ask me to come here. I got to the door and you said close your eyes. No lie I thought is he going to kill me. lol me and all my truelife tv shows. You had me get on the floor on your side of the bed and then said open your eyes and read the letter. In it said a lot of amazing things and at the end you said turn around and there you were shacking and ask me will you marry me! I am crying and say yes, and still can’t believe I said this better be real then ask for the papers. Now that’s love you still said I do. Now our fight’s very few, our bad times very few. Our lifes for the past 12+ years we have grown, and learned. We have let God hold our hands and guide us through the good and the bad. I messed up very bad, we let it out. You messed up very bad we let it out. Both never going to look back. That’s not just us that’s God. I am just lucky that you love him as well. We don’t pull or push and if we do it’s over as fast as it starts. That’s God our prayers coming true. Cause they were the right prayers. I bind the enemy that trys to destroy what we have. O how he trys. Thank God for the blood of Jesus. Amen. For we are nothing with out his grace, his holy spirit. Do we deserve it? Nope! Thanks to a pray I prayed long ago. You found me, cause God pushed you so. Here we are together. A decade + in and All the really bad bad times I can count on one hand. The little fusses can not count that high. But God is with us, and I feel his grace his love his power over ours. Kinda like when I messed up, and I knew my dad was going to get me. Nothing like that feeling till now. Something how we have grown together hand in hand. I don’t deserve you at times. I am grateful that you keep our house in line. You give us your all, Cause you let God in! I had him. But it started in our home with you. The bottom fell out then you shined through reflecting Gods love. We have never lacked for anything, and that is God that is his power. I pray for the couples that are 2 4 years in. Don’t give up keep pushing. Forgive quick, and don’t repeat a sin if you can. You can do it, just not alone. You need God, his love, and it’s hard. Demons don’t just say ok go ahead we will let you go. They play tricks and make you fall, make you think everyone is watching your every move. If I knew what I know back then. I would tell myself they don’t matter only God does. Over and Over again. The devil is a lie. And with each baby step we take and make it. We will set a knew goal and break another curse send another demon to hell. They don’t want to go there. So the stronger we get the less they show up. Don’t forget who wins. Nothing is left unwritten! Amen Through his blood we are healed, through his grace we are saved! Because we believe it comes true! Thank you Shannon for taking this walk with me! I could not ask for more. Then for God to guide us, stay on us. Till we go home.

<3 Trish Elmore


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