To My Husband – To My Geb<3


Wow this Sep 15,11 will be are 10th year anniversary. We have gone thru a lot of up and down. I remember the first to time I heard your voice on the phone, how can I forget I still can remember the feeling of the corner of your lips. I wanted you to kiss me’ so bad. But you as a gentlemen waited. I also remember one nite we where having many problems as a couple my fam did not agree with our relationship so that nite we went to sit infront of the four square church we were both crying like babies ready to give up on us, because it was cousing so much pain. We were saying bye! But all of a sudden a man driving a white pick up truck wearing all white with white hair say to us ” don’t worry everything is going to be ok” I remember we both look at him and we hug when we turn to talk to him he was not there or the truck, we did not see him leave or hear the truck! And look at us now here we are you have been thru all our three childreans birth you have been my caregiver when I needed you the most. You take care of me’ like no other will. I love the way you protect me’. The way you spoil me’ and the way you try your hardest to see me’ smile. Your a big help to me’ you do alot you help me’ i’n everything around the house, I love the fact that you struggle for your family and no mater how tired you may feel you still want to spend time with us even though you have work a 15 hour shift you still are there for us. Yes we have had our downs, but I can not imagine my self with out you. You are my everything with you I fell save you are my hubby and I love you people thought we would not make it. But with Gods help we have made it this far. In hand i’n hand we will stay together. Thank you for giving me’ the best 10 years of my life. You have been my first love and you will be my only love till death do us part I love Geb.

From your Monk

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