To My Husband – Thanks For Blessing Me!!

Dear Sweetheart,

I’m so thankful that God has brought us together! Our story is amazing! And I love it! God definitely wrote our love story and that’s what I love so much about it.
You have such a unique way with our children. The way you go way out of your way to make the boys an rgn trailor and all the other things you make them just amazes me. You are so unselfish especially knowing that your days are so limited at home and you have so much to do yet you take the time for special things for the children and I. The time you put into building cabinets for me and shelves to stock stuff on is so much appreciated as well.
What really impresses me is the way you take time to read a Bible story to the children and then the way you explain it to them. And then singing songs to gather! I love those moments!
The laughter…Honey, I love to hear your belly laughs! It makes my day and brightens it even hearing it over the phone. The way you tease the children and have Daddy time is so precious..they love it and I love watching you with them!
I love and appreciate the way you take time for ”me!” The late night talks, the late night adventures, the late night taco bell runs and even finding a babysitter to go enjoy late night appetizers at Applebees and also the candlelight suppers or just a cup of coffee in the early morning or just some extra time snuggling and of course all the intimate times! The goodnight hugs and kisses and I love you and prayers! These are all so precious to me and will always be a special part of our lives and for taking all the time you do for me I just want to say, ”Thank you and I pray God will bless you as you have blessed me!”
We’ve had our hard times we’ve had our struggles but the way you handle them has blessed me so often. Your so calm & collected and the way you encourage me to ”Trust Jesus!”
Looking back over the last 7 years…I wouldn’t trade a thing!! I know I haven’t respected you all the time like I should have but I also know you have forgiven me for which I’m so thankful.
You mean the world to me and you are so amazing! You really are! There is so much I want to say but wow, I just realized how long this was already maybe ill write a #2 soon.
With all my love & respect!

Your Wife & Sweetheart, Rhoda



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