To My Husband – My Love For You


God brought us together 25 years ago! We have been through so much and you are the most wonderful, unselfish person I know. I am glad you are my best friend! I want us to continue to grow and we must agree to do this, that GOD must be number one in both of our lives! No one is perfect and we all make mistakes daily. Having God on our side is the only thing that will make us stronger in our journey together. We have to make sure that we have God, Family and then everything else! There are so many ugly and negative things in our paths theses days. We must make sure that we have the courage and strength through God’s guidance to make the best choices for ourselves and our family. God is good all the time and I love you more than ever. I want to grow old with you and enjoy one another forever! I love you!

<3 Kim



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