To My Husband – My Hero


We have grown together over the years, we have laughed, cried, dreamed and been blessed together. I am so proud to call myself your wife, you inspire me to be a better person everyday. You inspire me to live every day. You inspire me to love every day. I watch you grow in the Lord, and I feel our family strengthened and protected because of it. I watch you grow in the Lord, and feel the heavens smile. Because of you I feel secure, safe, loved and appreciated as a person, as a woman, as your team-mate, your partner. I love you, for being you, for not faltering under pressure. I love you for loving our kids unconditionally, for teaching them, for playing with them and providing for them. You are so much more to me than any other person in my entire life has ever been. My prayer is that we grow old and ornery together, that we remember how to laugh at ourselves and life, that we always remember what a gift God has given us in the love we share. I am so proud of you, love you so deeply and admire your courage to be a strong Christian man. You are my hero, the kind of person I aim to be. Thank you for being my partner in this journey of life.

Eternally yours, Nicci

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