To My Husband – My Forever

My dearest husband, Joshua,

I am so very happy that we are where we are today. We have struggled for nearly 10 years to identify who were are. We have been roommates, best friends, worst enemies, lovers, and now husband and wife. I prayed as a child to have my forever rescue me. Through many years of foolish mistakes, I believe that I am where God intended me to be all along. I know that in life there are people who come in my life for a season, a moment, a blink of an eye experience and those who come in my life forever. I believe with all my heart you are my forever. You have been the one the God as placed in my life to help heal the broken and damaged pieces of me. For the places in my life that you can not help heal, God is working on them with me. I believe that as He molds me, we become closer. I am so happy that in my life I will be able to watch you grow into the spiritual leader that God intends for you be. It will allow you to be a better husband and a better father. I am so excited that he placed these six children in our lives and trusted us to raise warriors for Him. I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for allowing God to make you my forever.

Always your wife. XOXOXOXO


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