To My Husband – It Hurts So Bad That I Have Lost You.

My Dearest Granville,

It has been so hard since I have lost you. There were so many days at the hospital I cried hoping you would pull through and get to come home to me and our kids. You fought so hard to do that. That day I knew that something was different you could not get warm for anything and they told us you needed that test and you told them to get er done so you could go home. You told me you loved me and your babies, something told me that would be my last time seeing you and it was your time. I went home and had to go to school for bubs party. I came home and called the hospital and they told me to come quick. By the time I got there you were gone. It broke my heart the LOVE OF MY LIFE gone. I know you are not suffering no more. But I miss holding you and you just telling me it was going to be alright. I do not how to go on without you. I will always love love you. Til I see you again my love watch over our kids and I.


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