To My Husband – I Thank God For You

My dearest beautiful husband Robert,

Everyday I thank God for you in my life. Everyday I pray that he brings you home safely to my awaiting arms. I feel so blessed knowing that from the beginning of creation, he knew that he would create us both for each other. That you would be my helpmate, that I would need your strength and love to help me through my darkest moments in life. That through you, he has given not just me life, but our precious beautiful daughter as well. Every day is a dream come true. The reality that we have the kind of love and life that people all over the world dream of. I sit back and I realize everyday that this amazing life that we share together is real. My dream turned reality. Every minute of every day my heart sings because of you. The feeling of being safe and secure in your arms can compare to none other. I thank God for him knowing my hearts desire, and knowing what I would need, when I would need it. He sent you when you were suppose to be there, not when I wanted you there. My eternal love for you can never die. God gave me everything when he gave me you. It is you, and only you forever my love, my sweet.

I will always love you, Josie

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