To My Husband – Hosea

Dear Taz,

We have been married for 5 months now. When I first met you, I was not ready for you, by that I mean that my heart was not ready for you and my mind could not comprehend what God had in store for us. You were going into the navy and I never thought that I was strong enough to be a military wife, but again God’s ways are higher than our ways and He had other things in store. Besides that fact, when we met I was pregnant with another man’s child, a man who was not really a man in the eyes of God and had no intentions of being a part of his daughter’s life. You always told me that if we were not meant to be together that you prayed that I would be with someone that I deserved. Nearly 2 years went by without us seeing each other, but we were always in contact. When I was in the maternity home, your letters were like love letters from God and they kept me going. You and God pushed me to be better and do what I needed to do for my daughter. When you went to boot camp, I decided to create my own agenda and found a man who was far less than deserving of my time and I remember how angry and hurt you were when you found out. We both thought that we were not ever going to be, but yet again God had other plans in mind. When you came back from deployment, I was single. I was working hard and taking care of my business. I had given up on men and decided to devote my life to God and my daughter. Then you came sweeping back into my life. It was like we started right back where we left off. Our love grew and grew and I am amazed at how fast God worked in our hearts, how fast He worked in our lives. I thank you for being my Hosea and coming back for me time and again. Even in the times when you didn’t feel like it, but God told you too anyway. I am so thankful that you listened to Him. I am thankful everyday that you have stepped up to the plate as a father for my daughter, now OUR daughter. I could not have chosen a better male role model for her. That is why God is in charge and not me. You and I have both been through tremendous struggles in our life and at times we look back and wonder how we are still alive. God has a purpose for us, so much greater than we have for ourselves and I am glad that from the beginning of time He was preparing our hearts for one another. What a blessing to go through life with you, even in the hard times and see God work and the mountains that He continues to move daily. You are a true soldier in the Army of God and I am blessed to call you my husband. I look forward to each moment with you. When we pray together, I thank God that we have another day, and another breathe to thank Him and to love Him and love each other. My heart is with you always. Although sometimes we may be far apart, it is only in distance, not in heart.




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