To My Husband – Happy Birthday Hunny I Love You Very Much

To the husband i love very much Roger,

i know that i don’t say it or show it enough but, i really do love you very very much. when i prayed to God for the perfect husband he gave me exactly what i wanted and that’s you.

you go down on your knees everyday and pray for Hailey and I and you provide for us and make sure that we lack nothing, i love you for that. you put our needs and wants before yours and never ask for anything, i love you for that.

we have gone through so much together and even when you know that its not your fault, you take all the blame, i love you for that.

you are the best father and husband anyone could ask for, we are very blessed to have you in our lives. simple things make you happy and you never fuss for anything and you are always contented with the little you have.

i have learned so much from you over the years that we have been together and i strive to acquire the qualities that you possess. i am very proud to be you wife and look forward to spending the rest of my life with you on earth and eternity in heaven.

i do not say it as much as i should but today im saying to the world that I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and wouldn’t trade you for anything. you are my friend and my rock and you deserve much more than you get, that will all change.

Happy birthday, i pray that God bless you with many more wonderful ones to come……i love you.

Your wife, Stacy

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