To My Husband – Happy Anniversary To My Husband

Dear Richard,

Happy Anniversary. 26 years ago today I became your wife, little did I know what the future held for us then. We have had many trials, many heartaches, but countless moments of joy and happiness. It wasn’t until God came into our lives that the real joy came into our marriage. It was during the greatest trial of our marriage that we turned to Christ and I credit him for saving us and our marriage. You are such a different man/husband now that it amazes me to see it. God has changed both of us so much but you the most. You have become the man I always dreamed I would marry, You are so caring, loving and supportive of me even when I am at my worst, you still love me. I thank God every night for you. Like today I completely forgot to get you a card for this Very Special occasion, you on the other hand give me a beautiful card, and I just wanted you to know that I didn’t forget nor do I take you for granted. I Love You more than I ever have, and I want the world to know that. I want everyone to know what an Amazingly Wonderful Husband I have, and that I would go thru it all again to have what I have now. Happy Anniversary Babe, I Love You More Than words can say!

<3 Lisa


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