To My Husband – God Gave Me You!

My love,

I am writing to tell you that you are my world! No matter what we may encounter in our marriage God will get us through it all! There isn’t anything we can’t handle with God by our sides.
Nathan, I know the stresses have gotten to both of us and it’s tough during the holidays. God gave me you for the ups and downs, to help you smile and erase the frowns. God blessed us together as a family and families that pray together stay together! Please don’t give up baby! Find the positives in all that you do. You will be amazed at how many we have once you start counting. I love you with every particle of being Nathan! Persevere with me as your life partner and we can accomplish anything we set our minds to!
Always my unconditional love for only you!

“Your beautiful bride”


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