To My Husband – For My Husband!!


Even though we have only been married for 2 weeks now, I still have the same feelings for you as I always have, stronger even! That day was the beginning of my life. I realize that we will have our moments & that we will have to work at our marriage & always keep Jesus involved through our faith in him. I am very proud to be your wife. After all God sent you to me so I wouldn’t suffer anymore pain & you will always honor me and keep me safe. The vows we took was a promise not just to each other but to our creator so I’m going to always be proud and honorable to you.

I will never be your first kiss,
I will never be your first love,
I’m not your first valentine,first fight,first teddy bear,or first date,
I’m not in this to be your first anything- I’m in this to be your LAST!!
I Love You so much baby!

<3 Your wife




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