To My Husband – For Better Or For Worse – I Love You


These last few years of our life have been the most trying, insightful, and challenging years ever.  We married for better or for worse, and you kept me at my worse.  It’s been a long road of discovery for me to realize that you are not one that I should take advantage of.  I remember the first time we looked at each other at your moms house, I just knew you were my soul mate and I could never let you go.  You were a familiar love to me, and I risked everything for you.  20 years later (Anniversary May 23, 1992) I cannot show or say how much more in love I am with you.  God has kept us on this journey, he has led the way, even at times when we have turned our heads to him, he never left us.  I do not believe for a minute he ever will leave us, which is why we need to keep drudging fwd with our love and our marriage.  Satan doesn’t deserve the upper hand EVER in our marriage.  We have an empty nest now, which was an adjustment, so we are getting reacquainted again, and I believe the next 20 yrs will be even better if we allow God to lead the way.  I would never give up on us, and I’m asking you to do the same.  It’s true love through Christ when I can look at you in such a deep love after all these years, and I hope you can do the same.  I needed to tell you all this because it’s not said nearly enough in our life.  I love you Robert Wolford……I loved you 23 yrs ago when we got together,….I’ve loved you through the wilderness years, I love you now, and will love you till Death Do Us Part.  I pray that I am the wife that Christ wants me to be in your life, and I will strive to do that everyday we are together.

Love you, Me.

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