To My Husband – For Always.

My Love,

It’s never easy to put words down that will fully express how I feel about you. When I think about what my life might have been like had we not decided to spend our lives together…I shutter. You brought unconditional love into my life. You loved me even when at times I made it almost impossible. Thank you for seeing in me what I didn’t even see in myself- A person worthy of love and adoration. Thank you for always protecting my heart. For putting me second only to God. Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our girls and for always providing for our family.
Thank you for acting as a moral and spiritual beacon over the years as I fumbled through finding my own faith in Jesus.
As I grow in my faith and you in yours, I can’t wait to learn what God has in store for our relationship and how he will use us together to grow His Kingdom.
God sent to me an amazing gift 24 years ago. You are my soul-mate. My best friend. My spiritual leader.
I promise to always seek God’s will for my role as your wife and your helper. I know that I will mess up sometimes- and I know that you will forgive me because that is who you are.
May God bless you richly my dear husband.
…and I will love you so- for always.

<3 Jamie



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