To My Husband – For All Those Times You Stood By Me

My Dearest Brian,

Where do I begin? Writing letters was such a deep part of our relationship those first 3 years we met and dated before marriage. The ”sea bag” full of them tells our story but yet here I am over 23 years later from the first one I sent you having a difficult time putting into words just what you mean to me. You came into a little girl’s life who so desperately needed to be loved and you loved me with your whole heart. You chose me! I use to get mad when you would say that because I felt like it meant you were ”settling” but I now know it means much much more than that. Thank you for your love and your commitment to me. Thank you for being the father of our 3 beautiful boys, thank you for loving me the way I needed to be loved. I know without a doubt you are who God designed for my life and I am so proud to be called your wife.

I Love You Always,

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