To My Husband – My Guardian Angel


My love…my baby I thank God each and every day for you… 3 yrs. later and despite of our ups and downs i love u just the way i did then or even more honey… the way the lord God has restored us its just amazing and that is to show the way God works when we take our hands off n allow him to take the driver seat in our life… i know ur not perfect my love and dont expect you to be cus u were created perfect for me darling. i love the way we seek our heavenly daddy together n the way we come together at night to pray before bedtime my love… and how thru the good n the bad u have stood by me n we have both stood on the rock which is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. thank you for just loving me and being the man of God that you are i could’ve not asked for more!

Kisses from ur wife who loves u… Aidi





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