To My Husband – Beloved Husband, Beloved Dad

Beloved husband –

How I long for the day I meet you. I long to have you by my side as we comfort and encourage one another. I long to have your strength when I am weak. I long to be your strength when you need support. I long to be your partner, your helpmeet. I dream of waking up in your arms, slow dancing in candle-light, loving without reserve – able to fully give of myself. I dream of hugging you and knowing that not only am I finally safe, but I’m home.
My girls pray for you. Their request last Christmas was for you. My youngest can’t wait to have a daddy of her own, to take her out to eat, to cuddle with while watching movies, to read to her and to play. My oldest believes that adding you to the family will bring completion.
I know you’re out there. We pray for you – that you will find strength to make it through the day if you’re having a bad day, that you will be encouraged in the times of sorrow, that you will have friends and family around to help you celebrate. I pray that you grow in your walk daily and that you will be excited to share all the things that you learn and discover. I pray that you will be open and receptive to the every day miracles. I pray that you will find us soon, beloved.
We are waiting for you. You are beloved, husband, dad.

~ your loving wife





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