To My Husband – 40 Years Of Love Knows No Boundaries


It’s almost 40yrs since we gave ourselves in marriage commitment to each other in Jan 1972 as two teens in love! They said, ”it would never last” -so young at 17yrs and 18yrs! Our beautiful journey together has been through every emotion from utter desperation, life changing and life threatening events,to times of blissful happiness and contentment.Thats life!
And today I stop to pause to look at my wonderful faithful,committed soul mate and best friend and ask myself, ’how could you love me unconditionally for all these years’? You look up to meet my eyes and smile to reassure me that today will be a good day. I trust him wholeheartedly as I battle depression for the first time in my life. I feel his strength as I have done many times in tough situations and feel secure and safe. ”It’s all about how you finish in life” we often say…’and besides, we still have another adventure planned’ – to sail across the ocean on our yacht to visit our three Sons, their families and our four Grandchildren!
True Love knows no boundaries when you are fully committed to each other. It’s this love that God gave us when we met and He has grown us together to complete our circle.

I fall more in love with you each day my darling husband – thank you for being you, for being an amazing man and more importantly, thank you for being totally committed to me, to us. You are my inspiration, my adventurer and I look forward to a fun celebration – our 40 years Wedding Anniversary soon! I love you will all my being.

Love Chrissy x



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