This Could Change Your Marriage: War Room Movie Review

WarRoom-movie-reviewWar Room. You need to see this movie.

This movie opens with a voice talking about the wars we face, while the visual being a husband and wife arguing. That opening scene ended with the words:

Victories don’t come by accident.”

That is when I pulled out my phone to take a few notes. I came to the movies for enjoyment, but I knew from that opening scene that it would be an impactful movie – one that I would need to share about.

We all desire victories in life, especially in our marriage. However, are we willing to spend intentional time praying and trusting God for these victories?

The plot follows the relationship between a husband and wife, along with their daughter, as well as a newly formed relationship between the wife (a realtor) and her newest client, an elderly widow. What starts out as a business relationship turns into a beautifully intimate friendship between two women experiencing the power of prayer. And it will inspire you to pray like you have never prayed before.

During their first meeting together, the two women are touring the home that is up for sale. answered-prayersThere are two different times the realtor, played by Priscilla Shirer, is stopped in awe. Once is when she passes by a wall that has a picture frame hanging on it that lists the dates of specific prayers and when they were answered.

The woman selling her home mentions how she likes to keep that out where she can see it so that she is always aware of how God is moving in her life. I thought this was genius! If we celebrated answered prayers this way, I believe it will defend us from the attacks of doubt and fear when we face undesired circumstances in life.

The second instance of awe is when they are touring the bedroom and the closet has been stripped of anything that would be in a bedroom closet and in the place of that is papers with scripture written on them, lists of things to pray for and pictures of loved ones. The woman called this her war room. This was an inspiring scene, however the impact, the thing that convicted me to flip my closet into a war room, was the rest of the movie showing the wife’s journey of making her own war room in hopes of God moving to save her marriage. It was beautiful.

During another meeting these two women have together, the older woman asks:

How often do you pray for your husband?”

I love that she asks this question. I believe there are many wives who will see this movie who are battling some of the same frustrations in marriage as this main character. Hopefully, they will ask themselves this same question after watching the movie. I want to ask YOU this question now:

How often do you pray for your husband?

The older woman gave the younger a bit of wisdom when she encourages her to have a prayer strategy for every area of her life. The woman responds like most of us do, explaining how we just don’t have time for that. But the older woman fires back,

But, you have time to fight losing battles with your husband everyday?”

I just love and appreciate that the producers used a marriage to show the power of prayer. I don’t want to tell you anymore on this because I really want you to see it unfold for yourself.

Trailer for War Room:

I do want to note that this movie focuses on the wife making a change in her heart and initiating prayer for the marriage. Please do not let bitterness and things like “why is it always the wife’s job to do this first?” or “what about the husband, shouldn’t he…” I get it. I am so quick to find what is fair about marriage. But this movie will show you the powerful impact a heart of prayer can make. It will show you how no matter what, God wants you to trust in him and that no husband or anything else can fulfill you the way God can. Every wife needs to see this movie with a humble heart, as if God is speaking directly to us through it!

However, I will say that there is a huge message for parents in this movie as well. There is a scene with the mom and daughter that will capture your heart and beg you to consider if you are paying attention to your children. I was crying like a baby during that scene, promising myself to pay attention to my children. I quickly made a note in my phone for you typing:

  • This will wreck you as a parent in regards to knowing and loving you kids.

Also,  halfway through the movie the mom is putting away clothes in her daughter’s closet and sees her daughter has hung her own prayer list. The example we have to teach our children the power of prayer is so important for us to realize.

Another significant bit of wisdom shared in this movie is that when we pray, we should never rush, take time to pray and take time to listen for God’s response.

Near the end of the movie the two women are sharing how much they value each other, which is a great example for us to do in our friendships. Be sure to tell others what they mean to us! In that moment the older woman says to the younger,

You’ve got to teach other wives how to fight!”

This is a message for every wife. We need to be an example and an encouragement for other wives in this world. We must teach them how to fight through prayer. To be a warrior who trusts her commander, The Lord! To be willing to spend time lifting requests to the Lord and demanding that the enemy flee!

Please please please go and see War Room. Now more than ever we need to be praying. We need to be communicating with God, listening to Him, spending intimate time with Him sharing what is on our hearts. We need to battling in prayer, especially the things in this world that burden us!

If you want victories in your marriage, in your family, in this world, you must be willing to pray!

Go see this movie with a girlfriend or make it a date with your husband.

If you desire to be praying for your marriage, but maybe don’t know where to start, my husband and I have companion resources that might be a great way for you to get started! Thirty-One Prayers For My Wife and Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband include unique prayers with journal style pages for you to make each one of them personal to you and your marriage!


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