Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband & Thirty-One Prayers For My Wife

Now is the time for prayer.

We need to be spending time in prayer for one another, for marriages to be strengthened, for families to turn their hearts toward God, for change, for healing, for restoration, for revival.prayers-for-marriage

My husband and I started our relationship on a foundation of prayer. We both dedicated time each day to pray for each other and to pray for our relationship. We have been together for almost 11 years and married for almost 9 and I can tell you in confidence that our relationship is where it is today because of The Lord’s presence in our life and our willingness to commit to prayer.

There were many times in the beginning of our marriage where hardships caused my heart to be hard and I didn’t know how to pray for us. But through every season of our relationship my husband has taught me the value and power of prayer. Lifting up our voices and the matters of our heart to God is powerful. Trusting in Him and His timing of things is vital.

God has changed both of our hearts through prayer. We have been transformed, we have grown to know God better, and our marriage has been restored.

My husband and I have always had a passion to share the importance of prayer with others. That is why we have been dedicated to share the Prayer of the Day email with our subscribers.

Husbands can sign up for that HERE


Wives can sign up for that HERE

And yet, we also felt it would be incredible to make a tangible resource that can sit out on a coffee table, bedside or be small enough to fit in a purse or with your Bible.

My husband and I wrote Thirty-One Prayers to help husbands and wives to know how to pray for each other and give inspiration on what to pray for. I am so excited to see how these two resources help marriages in profound ways!

Don’t wait! Get your companion resources today and commit to the challenge of praying for one another! These also make great gifts for newlyweds and any married couple.

Click here to get Thirty-One Prayer For My Husband: Seeing God Move In His Heart


Click here to get Thirty-One Prayer For My Wife: Seeing God Move In Her Heart



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