The Urge To Tell My Husband “I Told You So!”

Since marrying my best friend almost five years ago, there has been quite a few times where we have said to each other “I told you so!”

Do you and your husband jump on opportunities to say these words?

I feel like it is another way to add a tally to the “Who is Right” score board!  Not that there should be such a thing in marriage, but in the back of my mind, it sure does feel good to be right.  We don’t really kept track with tally marks or anything, but for some reason we love to be right in our relationship.

A few weeks ago there was a situation that happened where I was definitely right, but the first thing my husband said was, “Don’t say I told you so!”  It was very hard to resist the urge to say those words, even after my husband already acknowledged that I was… well, right.  It was then that I stopped to think about how telling my husband, “I told you so” affects him.

Rubbing my prideful attitude in his face and boasting about my own wisdom is insulting to him.  If I am right, he is smart enough to figure it out.  So I am going to change things up in my approach to our relationship, I am choosing to remove, “I told you so” from my vocabulary.  My husband is important to me and in every situation we encounter I want to respect him and support him, not belittle him or insult him.

To realize that you are wrong is a humbling place to be, and for all that times that I was “right” but said, “I told you so,” I was wrong.

Sorry honey for my pride, for my inconsiderate attitude, and my harsh words.  We teach each other so much every day, we are both right and we are both wrong, often.  Thank you for learning alongside me.  I Love You!

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