The Smith’s Are Having a Baby!

This has got to be the most exciting post I have ever written!  It is a very personal message from my husband and I.

In January we celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary.  The memories we have made together are treasures that we will always be grateful for.  Our marriage has been full of hardships, and joys, and of course everything in between.  It has been the two of us, best friends experiencing life abundantly.

In the last year our desire for being parents one day have grown exponentially.  We daydream about having a bigger family, sharing experiences with our children, and leaving a legacy.  We submitted our desire before the Lord and prayed that we would have a child in God’s timing.

We are thrilled to share with you that we recently found out that I am pregnant! 

That’s right… our lives just changed forever!

We feel that God gave us the desire to be parents in preparation for this day.  Although we are a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising our first child, we think it is a beautiful honor and we cannot wait to meet him/her! (Its still to early to tell)

This fall we will be welcoming our sweet baby!  Until then, I hope you enjoy a few posts on pregnancy, my personal experience carrying a child in my womb and how it affects our marriage!

For all you moms out there who have great advice or anyone who has a prayer for us please don’t hesitate to post in the comments!



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