The Preface

The launch of Unveiled Wife went without a hitch!  I was so blessed to get such a positive response from so many people:)  This website is so unique and dynamic that I wanted to explain a few things.  The first is that the articles posted will include my story, devotionals, encouragements, random thoughts, book reviews and interviews with other wives! So be aware of ALL the different categories.  Also, this website is interactive, as in I want YOUR input:) Comments, questions and concerns are all welcome!

OK, so my goal is to get to the “sex” part of my story, but I feel it’s necessary for you to get to know me a little more.  So….how much background of a person effects their sex life???

All of it!

I have recently discovered through exploring my sexuality via literature (lots and lots of reading) that a person entering a sexual relationship brings preferences and baggage to the bed just as much as they bring their body.  Carried through generations of hand-me-down DNA and especially experiences that take place throughout maturation, shapes a persons sexuality.

I will be splitting my back story up into different sections, such as childhood, teenagehood, datinghood, etc., to help alleviate the sense of longevity. Instead of boring you with every detail about my life history, I will simply give you the basics.

It is beneficial and highly recommended for you to evaluate your own life and consider all the things that have molded and effected your sexuality, to give you a better understanding of why you prefer things the way you do and why you respond to your spouse the way you do.

My story is just one of 6 billion and by sharing it I by no means am giving any supernatural answers/advice.  I just feel that sex is a mystery to some women to big to try and tackle by oneself.

Enough with the intros:) My story begins with childhood in my next post coming soon!

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