The Last Day Of Marriage Is Important Too!

When I think of marriage, I get a mental image of a Bride & Groom figure sitting nestled on top of a wedding cake.  I realize there is a lot more to marriage then just the wedding day, but think about how much of marriage is wrapped up in that one special day.

Whether you planned for years or months for an extravagant event detailing your covenant of love or decided to elope in an intimate setting, marriage is a bride and a groom coming together to commit vows of trust and love, so it is difficult for me to not be reminded of wedding bliss in connection with marriage.

However, as much as that first day of marriage is a monumental experience to which emotions are overwhelming and hopefulness abounds, the last day of marriage is just as important!  Take some time to think about that.  Although imagining the last day of your marriage may seem unfathomable because the thought of losing your best friend and lover would be incredibly sad, think about the progress and growth you will have achieved when that moment does come.

Do you think you will have done everything you could to grow in your marriage, to achieve oneness, to live in an understanding way with your spouse?

Or do you think you may be filled with regret that you both did not try hard enough, or invest enough into your gift of marriage, taking advantage of the everyday opportunities given to make things better?

I believe that one goal for marriage is to continually search out ways to better one’s marital relationship with their spouse.  This can be done by attending marriage conferences, reading books, joining a bible study together, and seeking out to know your spouse.

We should never reach a plateau of perfection, where the climax of growth is reached… to me that place does not exist.  For both spouses, change is constant, therefore, there will always be room to grow and discoveries to unearth.  Marriage is about a process of transformation, not a one day event.

So my challenge is this:  Take time to invest into the marriage God has given you!  Make the last day of your marriage, just as important to prepare for as the first.  The entire experience of marriage is a beautiful thing, whether in times of goodness or hardships.  Reflect on your vows often, and be eager to carry them out, daily!

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