The Case For Christ: Movie Review

My husband and I spent an early night in bed together and watched the movie The Case For Christ, which is based on the true life story of Lee Strobel and how he came to faith in God after being an atheist.

I have heard of the book by Lee Strobel, The Case For Christ and I have read the student edition by Jane Vogel. So when we were looking for a movie to watch and saw this one pop up we both agreed we should watch it.

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This was a great Christian movie, with a powerful marriage message. The movie is about a husband and wife who experience a traumatic experience with their young daughter. This event leads the wife to explore her faith in Christianity. Throughout the movie she prays for her husband and tries to share her faith with him.

Although there is conflict because of her faith and his conviction of atheism, the end shows a powerful moment of both of them surrendering to the Lord.

The husband is a journalist who sets out to disproof God, but in the end finds overwhelming evidence of His existence and love.

This is a great movie for a husband and wife to watch together and talk about how their marriage influences each other.

The production was done really well, the actors are believable and draw you into the story. Prepare for the emotions to rise up!

If you are looking for a movie to watch together with your spouse that has a powerful message, you should definitely watch The Case For Christ. Afterward, be sure to talk about what stood out to you from the movie and what was impactful.

Being a Christian all my life, it was intriguing to watch this and consider the evidence that supports Jesus dying on the cross and resurrecting. I even found myself being grateful for my salvation all over again and that I am not in a place of doubt with my faith in God.

I was also reminded how important it is to be praying for our spouse. The influence we have in their lives is great!

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